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Commercial Solar for your business

Businesses have higher electric bills than the average homeowner, partly due to their time of use being in the middle of the day (peak rates) and peak demand charges. Thanks to state rebates, federal tax credits, and accelerated depreciation, a solar system may provide an immediate cash flow improvement to your bottom line.

To maximize rebate and system performance, Solar Universe in Fresno will dispatch a solar consultant to review your electric usage, sunlight exposure, install location and system size. We will proceed to explain your options, how the tax credits work, and what you need to know to make an informed decision. We will leave you with a simple, easy to understand set of documents that you can present to your finance department.

Getting Started

At Solar Universe in Fresno, we recognize that your number one priority is running your business. Our goal is to make your transition to solar simple and to handle every detail of the install including comprehensive design, professional install and a lasting warranty.

Benefits of Commercial Solar

  1. 30% Federal tax incentives are very attractive.
  2. Increase the value of your building.
  3. MACRS - 5 year accelerated depreciation.
  4. State/local rebates that substantially offset your install cost.
  5. 100% Financing available.
  6. Electricity costs are rising dramatically.
  7. Let your customers know your commitment to the community and environment.

At Solar Universe in Fresno, our mission is to make solar easy to understand and affordable. Call us today to find out how we can help you eliminate your electricity bills.