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Can you say this about your industry?

Total Solar Installs
  • Growing at 40+% per year!
  • Generous Government rebates and tax credits!
  • 17x Increase in Installations since 2002!

The growing solar market will require many more qualified installers. Contractors, sales people and entrepreneurs need work and will try to fill this gap, however they will be at a tremendous disadvantage — download a NYT article as to why. The ability for installers to plug into a larger platform with financing, volume discounts and marketing is CRITICAL… this is the Solar Universe business model.

Solar Universe in Fresno is looking to build a nationwide installation concept. We have already secured 13 Franchise Partners and will be adding many more in the coming months. Submit the form to the right to register for our next webinar where you will learn about our unique franchise opportunity and what it takes to be a Solar Universe in Fresno partner.

What you should know, before starting a solar business:

Its no longer a secret, installations of PV cells and modules have grown 35% since 1998 (Cooler Planet / CEC Data). With climate change awareness, soaring fuel prices, declining equipment costs and government incentives, the solar industry is expected to continue to grow at a blistering rate in the foreseeable future. In California alone from 2002 to 2008 there has been a 17-fold increase in solar installations. (Citi Renewable Energy May 8, 2008). California has allocated funds to install solar panels on 1 million homes and businesses over the next 10 years. The program is working and it is expected that the success in California will be repeated in other states that either have great solar radiation, high cost of energy or incentives. Does this sound like an attractive business environment for contractors, electricians and entrepreneurs looking to participate in the growing renewable energy space?

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Our Solution

Solar installation is a fragmented industry that desperately needs a nationwide brand. Solar installers will face stiff competition and consolidation in the near future. Do you have a solution to compete? Are you already struggling to generate great proposals that sell? Do you have a killer financing program to offer your customers? Frustrated by lack of ready and available product supply? Are you making more sales calls than closed deals?

We solve these issues by providing:

  • SunGen standardized solar design
  • Product distribution
  • Intensive 3 week training program
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer financing
  • Exclusive marketing territories

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