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By installing solar on their homes, home owners are making a difference in the environment and their pocket books. Electricity usage peaks in hot, dry summers when air-conditioners are running. Its also one of the best times to convert the sun's intensity into electricity through the use of photovoltaic technology.

Solar Panels (photovolatic cells) convert the sunlight into electricity. The cells are grouped together to create solar panels. A series of panels can be linked together and tied into the rest of your solar system to generate enough power to reduce or eliminate your electricity bill. A residential PV solar system enables a homeowner to generate power during the day when they are not at home and sell the excess energy to the utility grid at peak rates. In the evening, when rates are less expensive, the homeowner then draws electricty back from the grid to power their homes. This basic concept is called net-metering or time of use metering.

Why go solar?

  1. Cost of Electricity is rising dramatically.
  2. Consumption of Electricity continues to increase as homeowners buy bigger homes, run multiple computers and other appliances.
  3. A solar panel system can eliminate or reduce the amount of electricity you consume from your local utility department.
  4. A solar panel system can bring consistency to your monthly electric bills.
  5. Electricity generated from your PV system is clean and fully renewable.

At Solar Universe in Fresno, our mission is to make solar easy to understand and affordable. Call us today to find out how we can help you do something about your electricity bills.